Urgent loan from abroad is possible.

With a negative credit rating, there is no hope of a loan from a Best Lender. Banks shy away from the risk regardless of what the negative entry is. The only way leads via a foreign country to a bank in Liechtenstein, which issues an express loan from abroad to Germany.

How does a loan from abroad work?

How does a loan from abroad work?

Basically, this loan is no different from other loans. Only the loan amount is limited to a sum of 3,500 USD. If you can prove an income of 1,600 USD net, you even get 5,000 USD. However, it is typical for this express credit from abroad that the terms are fixed right from the start. In contrast to German installment loans, borrowers cannot choose their installments. The amount is fixed, as is the term.

The special thing about these loans from abroad is that the credit rating is not queried. Negative entries in the Credit Bureau are not relevant. A secure income and a permanent employment relationship are the basic requirements for a loan approval. The borrower should be at least 18 years old and live permanently in Germany. Unemployed or self-employed are not accepted as borrowers.

Where do you apply for this loan?

Where do you apply for this loan?

When looking for this express loan from abroad, the loan calculator delivers the corresponding results. The Agree Bank in Liechtenstein is the first point of contact. Such a loan can also be applied for via financial service providers. Reputable providers can be recognized by the fact that they do not require advance payment or announce visits to representatives.

This credit is Credit Bureau-free. This means that it is not registered with the Credit Bureau either. If the repayment is made on time, a new loan can be applied for at any time. The purpose is irrelevant. The customer is free to choose what the money is spent on.


Although this loan is limited in amount, it can be extremely helpful for those affected. If the banks in Germany stop lending, that is the last hope. With the help of a foreign bank, it is possible to compensate for a financial bottleneck. However, everyone should be sure that the money is available for the monthly payments.

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