Recieve the tax back payment loan.

A loan for the additional tax payment is very reluctant to take up. In this case, the people involved could be sure that they could not keep the money themselves, but would have to pass it on to the tax office. To make matters worse, a loan for back tax payments is not easy to obtain. This is particularly true if the potential borrower is an independent or self-employed person.

Loans from the bank

The most important prerequisite for being able to receive a loan for the additional tax payment is a positive Credit Bureau information. If this is not the case, the Credit Bureau information should at least be neutral. It would also be imperative that the bank grant a loan to the self-employed or a freelancer. Otherwise there is usually no realistic chance of borrowing. Here viable alternatives would have to be looked for. A credit comparison on the Internet, which is possible around the clock and seven days a week, could bring the necessary clarity here.

As soon as the prospective loaner has found a suitable bank, he can apply for the loan either online or in a bank branch. Payment is made immediately after approval. The tax liability can then be paid and the loan repaid in installments.

Deferral and payment in installments at the tax office

Deferral and payment in installments at the tax office

If personal creditworthiness is not sufficient or there are other obstacles, it is usually not possible to take out a loan for the additional tax payment. In this case, the conversation with the tax office should be sought and a viable solution sought. Unless there are good reasons not to do so, the tax office will agree to an appropriate payment in installments.

In this context, it would be very advantageous to transfer the first installment immediately. This would allow the customer to show his willingness to pay to the tax office. If there is no possibility at all to follow the request for an additional tax payment, there might be the possibility to defer the outstanding amount of money for a while. However, this would require approval from the tax office. In this case, the tax office would be entitled to request an appropriate interest payment from the customer.

Anyone wishing to apply for a deferral would have to do so in writing and disclose all of their income and assets. The application would then be examined by the tax office and approved in writing if all the requirements were met.

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